Living in a condo can pose some complicated situations relating to who fixes what. In most cases, it is never a straightforward answer — we need a little more information to determine just who is financially responsible. Read the Woolf Realty blog to learn more about who is to pay for a broken pipe, and be sure to visit our website to find the next condo of your dreams. We are Lantana realtors who also serve the Boynton Beach area. 

Your Lantana Realtor Answers: It Depends

The best way to determine who pays for the fixes needed is to review your condominium association’s documents — these should clearly dictate your responsibilities as well as the condo association’s. However, to get to the bottom of this situation, it’s important that we dive a little deeper. 

If It Just Serves Your Unit . . . 

If the pipe just serves your unit, then the cost and responsibility of the fix will be yours. However, if it serves more than one unit — getting it fixed is a common interest — and everyone should contribute to the cost of repairs.

The Cause of the Damage

Determining who the broken pipe serves isn’t the end of determining who is to pay and fix the pipe. The cause must also be considered: 

  • Regular maintenance: it is your responsibility
  • A faultless cause (i.e. a storm): your condo association must pay
  • If it is your fault (i.e. you caused the flood), you must pay for the damage

With this in mind, it’s important that you obtain your own hazard insurance. Your condo association has its own insurance for the common areas, but this policy will not cover the costs that you are responsible for. To learn more, read the Woolf Realty blog. Visit our website to search our listings.