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Honesty and integrity, patience and tenacity.

He’s the man for all of your real estate needs! After the first two attempts fell through, John kept working and our short sale was successful on the 3rd try. He really knew how to negotiate with the bank and got me 10K at closing.

Jon Owen

Johnathan from Woolf Realty will find you the perfect home.

He will make sure from beginning to end things go smoothly. He is honorable and trustworthy, he will do his best for your benefit! I recommend using Woolf Realty for your next property.

Pam E.

Woolf Realty, Inc are fantastic!

They help us tremendously!! we couldn’t be happier and his advice regarding the repairs and improvements to the house couldn’t be more on point! We sold or house very quick. We love Woolf realty ! Definitely the best. Thanks Jon!

Oscar Benavides

I’m Tina Chuhay from Montana, Florida, and sold my house and I chose Jonathan Woolf, realtor as my realtor because he was in the neighborhood and I knew of him in the past.

We were very happy with the results that we got for our home price wise. We were very happy. Answered all our questions and whatever we wanted to know about realtor, and he did a great job and we were very happy with them. And really didn’t take too long before our house was sold. We were very happy about that. Jonathan did a good job. Everything went well. Everything went well. And we were very happy, very fortunate to have Jonathan Woolf as our realtor.

John and Tina Chuhay

Thank you Jonathan, so very much because you helped my family have a new home really appreciate.

Thank you again.

Pierre P Lafortune

Jonathan was on top of everything, msking this a most pleasant experience.

If I am in the market to buy OR sell anything in the future, I will absolutely use Jonathan as my Realtor. I also would absolutely recommend his service to friends and family alike! Thanks again, Jonathan!

Annie N.

Woolf Realty has a great reputation in South Florida.

So when it came time to sell my home I reached out to Jonathan Woolf with Woolf Realty. Jonathan is a true professional. He put together a great listing summary and had a professional photographer come out and take the listing photos. We got a tremendous amount of interest right away thanks to Jonathan’s great job marketing the property. Jonathan worked hard and we ended up selling quicker than I expected and at a great price. Jonathan and Woolf Realty exceeded my expectations in every way. Do yourself a favor and call Jonathan, you wont’ be disappointed!

Doug Solether

Jonathan Woolf carries on his family business’ tradition of honesty, integrity, and kindness.

His mother was the real estate agent that sold my mom her condo nearly 20 years ago, so when it was time to sell it again, Woolf was naturally the 1st place to go. Awesome photos were taken including some aerial ones done by a drone. Multiple offers were made on the condo within hours of listing it! Woolf reality has an excellent reputation in the local area and I highly recommend their team!

Jason Alexander

Jonathan Woolf and his team are dedicated, experienced, and know the industry!

My go-to-guys for real estate! Ryan Shipp, Esquire

Ryan Shipp – Closing Attorney

Jon Woolf and his team are not only professional but patient throughout the entire process.

In a competitive market with an emotional buyer, professionalism coupled with compassion is vital to getting the deal done. Jon and his team are the calm in the crazy storm of home buying. Would recommend this team with the pickiest purchasers!

Christina G.

Yes, my name is Peter Lipski.

I live at 1183 South Ridge Road. Jonathan Woolf is my realtor. And for the… I signed with him on the end of May. And it was very simple and easy that this is the first house we ever sold. And I give the man all the credit because he helped us out for everything that we didn’t know about selling a home. The man helped us. And all I can say is I’d refer him to anybody that I knew because that’s the way I feel about the man.

Peter and Susan Lipski

What I liked about doing business with Woolf Realty, is the fact that my husband and I felt like we were dealing with a friend, not an agent.

Jonathan was very accommodating. His staff was very accommodating. They always had time for us, answered our questions. We were able to meet personally with them, whenever. They just did a super job. They made us feel like we were family to them, and we felt the same about them.

Pam Sjogren

In our efforts to sell a property in Lake Park FL asked Jonathan at Woolf Realty to list and sell the house.

In our opinion we were selling one of the nicer residences in the community and though it would be simple to sell. What we were subjected to was a buyer that seemed to make an offer in good faith, but it turned into a nightmare. Jonathan shielded us from the barrage of unprovoked anger (maybe a bargaining methodology from up north?). Even the closing agent felt the need to verbally spank the buyer at least once. My wife and I are so thankful for Jonathan’s professionalism and self discipline in getting the transaction to the closing table. Even now when that experience comes up Jonathan just smiles and responds that he was thankful to be able to help. That’s an honorable man, and a true professional.

Dennis Mondul

John Woolf made buying and selling a great experience.

I will always remember the laughs and good times we had during the process. Thank you Jesus.

Susan Block

I known Jonathan for about 10 years.

I graduated Hvac school with him and I own my own Air Conditioning company now and needed a place for my shop and trucks. He helped me find a nice place and worked out perfect. Thank Jon!

Ron Guida

I was very happy with selling the house to Jonathan Wolf.

I was thinking of selling, and my son was here visiting and he says, “Well, let’s go to a realtor.” So we came to Jonathan Woolf because he’s right here in Lantana and we go past his office quite often, and he responded immediately when we called him. I was also very pleased because I made a deposit on an apartment for independent living, and they were redoing the apartment once I made a deposit, a new kitchen, new bathroom such. I did get a deposit for my house and Jonathan was really good about putting off the closing until the apartment was ready so that I had a place to live, because if somebody wanted the closing, wanted to move in the next day, I’d have been stuck, to not have a place to go. So that was really good. And whenever I called him, he would respond right away or come, and he was always on time or a little bit early; that part I like. Since I’m a widow and didn’t know where the closing was, he picked me up and we drove up there for the closing and it went really well. And then I had the check and he drove me right to the bank so I could deposit it right then and there. So that was also pretty handy to have. I was glad that it sold with just a few weeks, and I’m happy in my apartment because I get, well, a lot of care and such. So that worked out very well. Thank you.

Marilyn Fitz

It was time to sell Dad’s condo.

Glad we signed with Woolf Realty as our agent. We were well represented by Jonathan throughout the process. We found him to be professional, through and precise in all our dealings. We had a contact in 10 days.

David G.

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